Considering adoption?

Now that the reality of your unexpected pregnancy is starting to sink in, you are seriously considering your options. One you may not have thought about is adoption. Depending on your life situation, finances, age, and relationships, adoption could be the best option for you and your child.

What does it mean to place my child for adoption?

Adopting is challenging, but it can be gratifying for so many people, including you. When you place your child for adoption, you are choosing another family to raise them. Although your parental rights are terminated, you still have the option of being involved in the family’s life as much as you would like.

The expecting birth mother completely decides today’s adoptions. You choose the couple, the environment, and the type of contact you would like to have. There are many waiting families who would love to adopt your child.

What about the birth father?

Sometimes, an expecting birth mother is no longer in the relationship or isn’t sure who the birth father is. That doesn’t prevent you from making an adoption plan. Although the ideal situation would be to have both birth mother and father involved, his participation isn’t necessarily required.

What about the adoptive family?

Couples who wish to adopt go through an intense interview process. They must pass a child abuse and criminal record background check (including fingerprints). They must have a stable income and prove their living quarters are suitable for a child (a home study). Couples also put together a portfolio of information and photos that you can look at to determine if they are the right family.

How do I know if adoption is right for me?

The best way to determine if adoption is right for you is to contact an agency. They will know the specific requirements for your state and what is available to you. If you are asked to pay for adoption services, walk away. Under no circumstances should a birth mother be required to pay anything. Talk with the agency representative about your concerns and the support you will need. Lean on the women who are available at the Pregnancy Resource Center for assistance and advice.

By all means, take your time. Adoption is a wonderful blessing but a difficult road to walk.


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