Sanctity of Human Life

January is Sanctity of Human Life month and while most people are aware of that, it seems important to express what this really means in today’s world.  How does a person go about acknowledging this month?  Does it even matter now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned?

Laws Don’t Change Hearts

Although Roe v. Wade being overturned is a massive success in the fight to protect the unborn, it is only the beginning.  The laws changing doesn’t mean that the hearts of the people have.  Forty-nine years of abortion on demand created a generation that has never known anything else.  This generation still needs their hearts softened to understanding the sanctity of life.  Even still, the generation that fought to instate Roe v. Wade is still alive and well with more animosity to the pro-life movement than ever before.

healing is still needed

There are still emotional scars that need to be healed within the men and women that chose abortion in the past.  We must be sensitive to the healing that is needed in these situations.  A healing that ultimately only comes from Christ.  As ambassadors for Christ, it is our role to share His love and not condemnation.  Only with compassion can we reach these hurting people.  Only with love can lives be changed.  We must acknowledge the forty-nine years of aborted babies and all the families that feel that loss.

what you can do

There is a place for each of us to stand for the sanctity of life.  Our doctors must be willing to stand on the science that life begins at conception and that all life should be protected.  Our lawmakers must continue to fight for the unborn and uphold the right to life movement.  As pregnancy centers, we must continually evolve to meet the needs of the community we serve.  It means having post-abortive education and support, adoption plan advocates, and parenting courses.

For the Christian, it means giving of your time, finances, and talents to serve in ways you can promote life.  This could mean volunteering as a client advocate in a Pregnancy Center.  This could mean becoming a monthly donor to a Pregnancy Center.  It may mean praying on a consistent basis for the Pro-Life movement.  There are so many ways to acknowledge the Sanctity of Life and help the movement to continue forward.

We invite you to watch the following videos that go further in explaining this movement, why Sanctity of Human Life Month is important, and what you can do to help:!Ap0RVrOwbJLVsUvT63XKNTjsjWu-


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